Top Coat Matte – Breathable Nail Polish

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Our quick-drying Top Coat Matte gives your nails a velvety finish but also works to preserve your color and prevent chipping.

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Directions for use:

  • Step 1: Apply one to two coats of your favorite 786 Cosmetics nail polish to your nails. (If you pray while wearing nail polish, only use one coat if you are going to apply a top coat.)
  • Step 2: Once your favorite 786 Cosmetics nail polish is completely dry, apply one coat of the Top Coat Matte to your nails. Top Coat Matte can be applied to any 786 Cosmetics nail polish.
  • Step 3: The Top Coat Matte goes on glossy but dries matte in a about 20-30 seconds. Enjoy your matte manicure! (Allow more time after matte appearance has shown to let the top coat fully dry.)

At 786 Cosmetics, we create nail polish that is halal and vegan- meaning free of prohibited alcohol, animal products, and animal testing. Our formula is non-peelable and allows water-permeability, making sure that water and oxygen reaches the nail surface.

  • Breathable
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Halal
  • 11 Free

786 Cosmetics nail polish colors are inspired by cities around the globe. From Granada, Spain to Cairo, Egypt; you’ll find nail polishes inspired by the beauty around us.

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6 reviews for Top Coat Matte – Breathable Nail Polish

  1. Halima

    I love this nail polish! It’s the second one I ordered and it looks so beautiful on for the summer time. I told family/friends about it to get them hooked!!!

  2. Amani

    I loved the matte top coat as well as the color Marrakech. It’s a beautiful brick red color. With the top coat it looks sleek.

  3. Brenda

    I love this polish! Dries instantly.

  4. Asad

    Every hijabi should have this polish! We all know the Struggle of regular nail polish which we can only wear for maybe a week until we’re able to pray again. These colors are great and are definite confidence boosters!

  5. Judith

    Lasted almost week without chipping or wearing off..Would definitely purchase again

  6. Stefan

    Matte for life. Love how beautiful & quick drying it is !

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