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The vibrant city of Marrakech, Morocco inspired this fiery red. Nicknamed the “rose city” or the “red city,” Marrakech’s building and ramparts are made of an orange-red clay and chalk that coats the city in a red hue at sunset.

Marrakech [mar-uh-kesh] is a bright and bold red-orange color.

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With proper care and with application of a top coat, you can expect your halal nail polish to stay on for up to 7 days with minimal chipping.

At 786 Cosmetics, we create nail polish that is halal and vegan- meaning free of prohibited alcohol, animal products, and animal testing. Our formula is non-peelable and allows water-permeability, making sure that water and oxygen reaches the nail surface.

  • Breathable
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Halal
  • 11 Free

786 Cosmetics nail polish colors are inspired by cities around the globe. From Granada, Spain to Cairo, Egypt; you’ll find nail polishes inspired by the beauty around us.

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20 reviews for Marrakech – Breathable Nail Polish

  1. Tahrima

    I am in love!!! Being a mom of a tiny baby you do not have the luxury to get you nails done all the time and have if off on time for prayer. This is just perfect. I got it in the red color Marrakech because a staple red is the most universal color to keep in a collection besides maybe black. And since i was just trying it out for the first time, i went with a safe color but boy was i impressed. It was perfect for Eid occassion, i was a bit sad that i did not order a top coat but this thing stays on nice and beautiful even without one. Im so excited i found this, now i can have my nails painted and not have to worry about taking it off all the time before prayer so that’s awesome.

  2. Adrienne

    Loved the true red color!

  3. Edi

    Just received my first halal nailpolish. So in love with Marrakech color and so excited for my Kashmir to arrive. Amazing texture, shine… finally something wudu and salaah friendly. Will definitely order some more, there is great color choice available

  4. Moh

    Compared to other halal nailpolishes, it is very long lasting and the color payoff is impressive. 10/10 would buy again.

  5. mazen

    I ordered the “Marrakech” the color is a bright red and its really bold and pretty. I also tried the water test at home with this nail polish and it really is water permeable, so you can make wudu while wearing it. Really happy with this product!

  6. Nashrah

    Nice colors, long lasting, quick drying, just love it

  7. Sarah

    looks and smells like regular nail polish! you’d never be able to to tell anything different. it’s great!

  8. Mariam

    This is a good quality nail Polish that stays on well & has a wide brush which makes it very easy to apply. Very happy with this product.

  9. Reann

    I love this 786 nail polish. No smell & it stays on long. I will continue to order from 786 cosmetics.

  10. TS

    I gave up wearing nail polish after decades of loving my red polish because nails had become dry and brittle. Who knew that I could let my nails breathe AND wear a beautiful red color. Thanks 786.

  11. zahra

    I purchased Marrakech and it is so vibrant even with just 1 coat. It also dried very fast which is another plus. I plan to order more colors.

  12. Fatima

    The red color for this nail polish is amazing!! It is so easy to apply, really!! You’ll never regret buying this! And above all, it is wudu-friendly, so you can wear it all day!!

  13. Kem

    The wife loved this nail polish! Not only it’s halal but the quality is up there. Color doesn’t fade fast even when exposed to water. Very satisfied!

  14. Allison

    This polish is just perfect!! It goes on smooth and one coat is enough! The shine is beautiful and it dries very quickly ☺️ Love this product!

  15. Heather

    Great polish

  16. Badriya

    Amazing product!

  17. Sara

    I tested this using toilet paper and it does work but you need to rub the water in. I have this color on my toes on my right now:-)

  18. Ayesha S. (verified owner)

    This is the perfect red color what I really wanted. It dries out really quick.

  19. Shikwa (verified owner)

    The nail polish is very nice and the color looks great on me.

  20. Pamela (verified owner)

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