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Our best-selling color is inspired by Kashmir’s traditional tea, Kashmiri chai and the pink blossoms and tulips of the Mughal Gardens. A World Heritage Site, the terraced gardens are coated with flowers, have a mountain backdrop, and are filled with the rich history of the Mughal empire.

Kashmir [kazh-meer] is best described as an opaque dusk pink color – with a slightly purple tone.

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With proper care and with application of a top coat, you can expect your halal nail polish to stay on for up to 7 days with minimal chipping.

At 786 Cosmetics, we create nail polish that is halal and vegan- meaning free of prohibited alcohol, animal products, and animal testing. Our formula is non-peelable and allows water-permeability, making sure that water and oxygen reaches the nail surface.

  • Breathable
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Halal
  • 11 Free

786 Cosmetics nail polish colors are inspired by cities around the globe. From Granada, Spain to Cairo, Egypt; you’ll find nail polishes inspired by the beauty around us.

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106 reviews for Kashmir – Breathable Nail Polish

  1. Syeda Ahmed

    Usually it us hard to find good color selection for wudu friendly nail polish. I’m so glad I found 786 cosmetics, they have beautiful colors and affordable prices. I could not be any happier with this product, I took it with me to get a manicure and got many compliments at the nail salon. Top it off with their top coat and the color lasts a long time. I highly recommend 786 nail colors and can’t wait for their upcoming collections.

  2. Bibi

    The color is beautiful and texture of the polish is awesome. I really appreciated how quick it was delivered. Cant wait to see what other colors are going to come up next!

  3. Khadiya

    I love being able to wear nail polish at all times that does not interfere with wudu and prayers. Thank you for making such cute colors, cannot wait for more to be released!

  4. Noreena

    I bought it for my mom and she loves it. Delivered really fast. The color is really gorgeous, and definately buying more. The application is very smooth and it dry really quick.

  5. Maryam

    786 is my new favorite nail polish.
    Very nice colors. Easy to dry and very easy to remove. I will told my friends and family about your wonderful products. Thanks

  6. Nermana

    Color is very nice and shiny even without the topcoat. Long lasting and chip free

  7. irum

    This product is of high quality and more affordable than other similar breathable nailpolishes. It dries quickly and leaves a beautiful matte finish. I’m impressed that the product is not only halal but also vegan and cruelty-free.

  8. Laila

    Very smooth and dries quick, but the color that I received does not match the color I see on the website.

  9. bilkisu

    beautiful colour and its WUDU friendly!!!!

  10. zagzoug

    Beautiful color and lovely finish. I love that it’s also free of alcohol and animal products in addition to being wudu friendly

  11. Meena

    I just order my first one, and I love it!! The shade is very elegant, easy to apply, and the fact that it’s halal makes it extra special. The packaging was nice and it didn’t take long for delivery.

  12. Atique

    Nice color and water goes through during wudu

  13. Nadine

    Beautiful color and smooth texture. You only need to apply the coat once.

  14. Heena

    Great halal nail polish! I used to use Inglot but I doubted its water permeability. The colors are beautiful and dry quickly. Definitely worth it!

  15. Rayan

    This polish is such a flattering color. And most importantly, I can let my nails breath with it on. It stays on well with proper nail prep: washing hands, cleaning old polish, manicure, and buffing the nail before application. Better than regular nail polish! I got Kashmir and Doha, I have to say, I have never had a nail polish look so nice as these have. Worth every penny.

  16. abir

    I LOVE 786 NAIL POLISH!!! its easy to put on and the colors look great!!!

  17. Tuba

    Great color.Exactly what I wanted.Application was very easy and smooth. It dried very quickly.Definetely great quality product and being wudu friendly makes it extra awesome!!

  18. Ali

    The color is great and it dries very fast

  19. Amber

    This is such a great nail polish. The color is so pretty! Even the ladies at the nail salon were asking where I bought it from – I made sure to let them know exactly where they could get their own bottle! Perfect for Ramadan especially!

  20. Ban

    Love this nail polish! The color (I got Kashmir) IS SO BEAUTIFUL and I’m so happy I found this halal nail polish brand!

  21. Syed

    This is a dream come true for my daughter! I usually never write reviews but this time I was compelled to do so. She was very pleased about the quality of this product and color, which is exactly as it appears in pictures. My daughter can’t wait to purchase more colors ASAP! We would totally recommend this nail polish to friends, family and anyone out there!

  22. Mo

    Great colors, dries fast, lasts long without chipping

  23. Ali

    Beautiful colors! I bought Kashmir, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as the matte and regular top coats. Im terrible at putting on nail polish but this is very forgiving and the excess that gets on the cuticles/skin washes off easily since this is a halal nail polish. So glad to be able to have nice nails without worrying about my prayers! (this is my husband’s account).

  24. Samira

    I am so glad someone came up with nail polish suitable to be worn while doing wudu and while praying. I love nail polish.So,I am so happy! Great product!

  25. Dzeun

    Love it! Great product

  26. rashwan

    I really like this product. You can use this as a gift for your family and friends. I would definitely recommend buying this product if you are a muslim sister. There are many colors to choose from.

  27. M Shuaib

    Great product! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  28. Asiya

    It is so pretty, and isn’t too thick….unlike the other halal brand ive tried.

  29. RABIA

    My first time using wudu friendly nail polish, I had heard a lot of negative things about other brands but this one went on smooth and there were no bubbles, dried nicely. Will have to see how many days it last with top coat but so far loving the color and feel!

  30. Hilal

    I purchased 3 nail polishes from 786 cosmetics. I loved them all. I have been looking for a good nail polish that penetrates water for a long time. I am glad I found this brand. Will defined buy more!

  31. Anthony

    The color is absolutely gorgeous!

  32. Nashrah

    Beautiful color, long lasting, quick drying, just love it

  33. Ayaa

    In love with the color

  34. Sara

    Gorgeous colour and a decently opaque in 1 coat! Will definitely purchase more

  35. Amira

    Color is beautiful but a little more purple than pink.

  36. Suheer

    This color is very pretty and it truly is halal! I did the water test at home and the water goes through the nail polish, meaning its water permeable and you can make wudu with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy, breathable nail polish!

  37. Sarah

    the color is a little bit more purple but still a very nice color. would recommend!

  38. Amenata

    Such a nice, pink color on my nails! I will definitely be buying more of their halal nail polish!

  39. mazen

    This color is very pretty and it truly is halal! I did the water test at home and the water goes through the nail polish, meaning its water permeable and you can make wudu with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy, breathable nail polish!

  40. Manar

    Love this nail polish and the fact that it is wudu friendly!

  41. Sabila

    Very nice color payoff, and actually long lasting!

  42. Maheen

    I love the finish and the way this nail polish feels on my nails. It truly feels breathable!

  43. Manal

    Fast delivery, good product

  44. Hijab

    I love the texture of this nail polish and how it doesn’t chip or feel rubbery at all like other halal nail polishes. The color of their nail polishes are vibrant.

  45. Bayaan

    I was looking for a water permeable nail polish that I can wear while still making wudu and I am pleasantly surprised with this one! I have bought other brands before that go on clumpy or the formula doesn’t look right on the nail. This polish looks amazing on my nails and it dried very fast. It is true to the color advertised too. I will definitely buy more in the future!

  46. Iso

    Great quality and delivery service ! Strongly encourage to order !!!

  47. Sunny

    Very happy . Bought two colors Kashmir and Jaipur very beautiful . Most important I can put it on and do wudu and pray .

  48. Fatima

    This nail polish is better than any brand I used before!! It is halal so I can wear it all the time!! So happy with my purchase.

  49. SHAFA

    lovely colour ,makes your nails look elegant

  50. nISREEN

    It’s kind of light purple. Not as it looks n the pic.

  51. Amela

    I’ve tried three different “halal/water permeable” nail polish brands and this one is definitely my favorite! I love that it applies flawlessly, dries quickly, and actually holds its shine in comparison to every other nail polish I’ve tried(water permeable or not). I wore it for two weeks and they only began to chip at the end of the two weeks! I’m definitely going to buy a new shade, especially since they’ve just come out with a bunch of new ones!

  52. Brit

    Very nice nail polish, easy to apply and smooth, I love the idea that is vegan, cruelty free and breathable as well. This is only one coat and looks great. Great product I would recommend to everyone

  53. Noodz

    Simply amazing …….. love love love the colour and the way it goes on smoothly, evenly,and streak free from the first coat .
    I got the colour cashmere and it is the most beautiful thing ever 🧡🧡🧡.

  54. Farah

    I loved the formula they used on this nail polish. It feels light on the nail, and it’s really easy to apply and doesn’t cause a mess

  55. Piu

    It’s beautiful! No complaints

  56. maha

    Excellent look long lasting & healthier nails

  57. Ahsen

    Quick shipping, Works well

  58. maria

    Love the color, and the best part is I can pray with it and not worry about removing it

  59. mostafa

    high quality

  60. Betsy

    Wow, I love this. Goes on so smooth and the color is beautiful! I got Kashmir:)

  61. Kem

    I love these nail polishes! I bought three over the summer and just bought three more and love all of them. They are super pigmented, dry quickly and last long. The colors are really pretty and go well with my tan skin.

  62. TZ

    Bought Kashmir – such a pretty everyday shade which can flatter different skin tones! Absolutely love it

  63. Ejaz

    Color is pretty, but not true to the pictures shown (close, but definitely more of a purple hue). Its quite pigmented, which I like, but chips off pretty quickly.

  64. Misha

    I got the color Kashmir, it went on really nicely and stayed on for days without chipping. Loved the light pink color!

  65. Stephanie

    Beautiful color! It was more purple than I expected, but it’s gorgeous and right on trend. I love that’s it’s breathable because heavy polish use was wrecking my nails.

  66. Jackie

    I got the color Kashmir, it went on really nicely and stayed on for days without chipping. Loved the light pink color!

  67. Liz

    Beautiful color options and great pigment with one coat!

  68. Elizabeth

    This polish went on so smoothly and the color is beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you!

  69. Einas

    such a beautiful color and glides on easily very positive experience

  70. ahmet

    That’s the best halal nail polosh I v ever tried , the color was amazing😍

  71. Mubashir

    I love the Kashmir color! Can’t wait to purchase more. I also got the top coat 🙂

  72. Denise

    Liked how easy it is to use.

  73. sahidatu

    OMG. Finally the nude halal nail polish I have been looking for in years . Glides on smoothly and last much longer than the non halal brands. You will be pleased with your purchase . I know I am!

  74. cindy

    I was surprised by the difference in feel during application, it felt better. I couldn’t believe how fast it dried! I wish they had more colors!

  75. Hebah

    Love this shade! Purchased it for my best friend and she loved it instantly

  76. muslimah

    I love these nail polishes – I’ve tried a few different halal polish brands but these definitely stand out. The color payoff is awesome and it lasts. They have a beautiful selection of colors also. I’m hooked. I love their traditional colors like Marrakech (red), Casablanca (light pink), Hyderabad (bright pink), and then the adventurous colors like male, Kashmir, And Brunei.

  77. Emaan

    Great nail polish and color! Love this product!

  78. Colleen

    This polish is a great. Easy to apply and dries quickly. The only comment I have is the color is more purple than pink like I thought the picture showed

  79. Ranroon

    Absolutely love this polish brand. This color is stunning and very long lasting, chip resistant and shiny. Looks like gel! Love that my nails are breathable and feel it’s very nourishment to the nail. Thank you for making a halal friendly polish. Can’t wait to try more colors.

  80. Jessie

    I love this color!

  81. ramina

    liking it

  82. Savannah

    Love this Vegan nail polish, even if I made a mistake and ordered the wrong color. It all worked out well in the end.
    It is more dark lilac than purple though and goes on creamy and smooth with a brilliant glossy shine.
    I would have called it “Dark Lilac.” The nail polish itself is superb. The application is easy and it does not leave stripes like some other brands. I will definitely be ordering again as it has no toxic chemicals, looks beautiful, plus it’s Vegan. Feels so different from all the other brands. Thank you 786 Cosmetics.

  83. AQ

    A very pretty and natural looking color. Great quality nail polish and its halal!

  84. folasade

    really pretty color

  85. Hina

    It dries really fast. Good color. Definitely would recommend it.

  86. Myriam

    A must have for women who pray, I love it, it wears nicely and beautiful shiny color i finally feeling feminin and dont have to wear it only when my period are here

  87. RC

    What can I say… I just love love love these nail polish. They dry super quickly and the best part is they are halal and breathable. I will order in all the colors soon. Thank you for making this nail polish and the color is super fantastic.

  88. H_T

    It has a nice soft purple hue (not pink).

  89. Raveen

    IT is a beautiful color i really like it

  90. Shadmeen

    Nice color. My daughters love it.

  91. I.D.M.

    I ordered 3 different colors and this is by far my favorite!!! It’s a light purple but it’s got more of a tan undertone so it’s girly and pinkish but has a modest and clean look.
    I watched the halal test (and did one myself) and even though it’s water-permeable, you have to rub it on the nail for the water to touch your nail so heads up if you’re concerned with your wudu being valid.
    Just like my other halal nailpolish, the nail polish stays on my nails for just 2-3 days before it starts chipping. I wish it would stay on longer but that might just be my nails and how I use my hands.
    I love this company and their marketing campaign. The polish came in cute packaging. They seem very determined to be successful and to provide us with halal nailpolish.

  92. Samara

    This is one of the best halal nailpolishes i’ve tried. It’s often hard to find colors you truly enjoy that are breathable and water permeable. This hits both of those and is a color you can keep repeating and never tire. Can’t wait to get more.

  93. NY

    I just tried on the product. It is easy to apply and dries very fast. The color is more pink than purple but I still love this shade so much.

  94. Noorie

    This is a really nice polish and color!! I want to get more of these in every color!!

  95. Uroosa

    Love that this nail polish doesn’t chip so easily like other halal polishes! This is after 3 days and no chip at all!

  96. Sidra

    I am a fashion designer who lives in saudi Arabia. I always wanted to have good nail color which is really halal and stays for long time. so that I can attend my meetings/work and salah both happily.

    I bought this after reviewing YouTube videos etc. and it’s really great. I applied very thin layer (only one layer) took shower and forgot to apply another one. but I was surprised to see that it was same, shiny and great looking for next three days.

    loved it so much. will buy whole pack of colors and use it forever.

  97. Duaa

    Best nail polish ever!!! Intense color from the first coat

  98. Sania

    The color for this nail polish is amazing! And I love that it’s halal because it works out perfectly for me. Looks beautiful too!

  99. Evgenia

    This is my first time trying out the nail polish, so far it seems very good. The coats are smooth and it doesn’t seem to chip. Also the color Kashmir I thought would be more pink like a dusty rose, it was a light lavender instead. But am still very pleased with the color.

  100. Faisal

    Thank you for coming up with Halal nail polish! This is truly amazing. Love all the colors! Can’t wait to have every single one of them!

  101. Aliaa

    I like the color the material & most important it’s halal

  102. Anna

    Loved the color and quality

  103. Hoda

    this nail polish is amazing! the color is so pretty and it is breathable- (i feel good when I did the test at home) would highly recommend it!

  104. Areina (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh this color is gorgeous like a pink lavender! So opaque, non streaky dries super fast and INCREDIBLY glossy. I’m in love with this line of nail polishes and will only buy nail polishes from 786 now! This nail polish line is so perfect and I can’t get over how beautiful my nails look while also being able to do wudu, and have healthier nails. My nails have barely chipped and it’s been a week. Wow!!!

  105. Sanaa Bouziane (verified owner)

  106. Sarah

    Halal. Safe for Muslim prayers!

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