Blue Green Nail Polish Set (3 Piece)


This blue green nail polish set is made up of three full-sized nail polishes that are the perfect blues and greens to add some bold color to your nail polish collection.

Malé is a bright blue and was inspired by the Indian Ocean surrounding Malé, Maldives.
Karachi is a deep evergreen color with an iridescent finish and is inspired by the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, Pakistan and the green of the Pakistan flag.
Lagos is a teal blue nail polish that was inspired by the vibrant city of Lagos and the Nigerian flag.

Includes 3 full-size nail polishes (12 mL/ 0.4 fl. oz.).


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This blue and green nail polish set includes three gorgeous blue and green nail polishes in a 786 Cosmetics nail polish box.

At 786 Cosmetics, we create nail products that are halal and vegan- meaning free of prohibited alcohol, animal products, and animal testing. Our formula is non-peelable and allows water-permeability, making sure that water and oxygen reach the nail surface.

Our products are:

  • Breathable
  • 11-Free Formula
  • Verified Halal by Kalamazoo Islamic Center (KIC)
  • Verified as Wudu-friendly by Kalamazoo Islamic Center (KIC)
  • Verified by PETA as vegan and cruelty-free

786 Cosmetics nail polish colors are inspired by cities around the globe. From Granada, Spain, to Cairo, Egypt; you’ll find nail polishes inspired by the beauty around us.

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