Getting Into Fitness After the Summer

By September 20, 2019 Health, Tips

Bismillah. I’m currently on the country side of Morocco, completely enjoying and embracing the holiday time of Eid. A blessed time for all Muslims all over the world, and a time to relax a little bit more. After however, I’m eager to get into new exciting routines and make this autumn really matters! In this post I’ll share some tips on how you can getting into fitness after the summer.

Maybe you had an active and healthy summer, or maybe you’re longing more than ever to get into a healthy routine and feel even better about yourself than you are doing right now. As a human, it’s very easy to procrastinate and delay to get started. Don’t make this happen to you. Neither panic about if you’re not yet where you want to be.

We cannot reach goals if we only dream.

We need to turn our dreams into tangible actions and work on them constantly. Only then can we enjoy the journey and reach our goals in shaa Allah.

As much as I believe you should, and that you actually can, love working out; you do also need to do the type of training that will make you reach your goals. If your goal for example is to lose weight, which I like to refer to lose fat and get fit; the best actions are most often to focus on your eating habits and to do strength training. With 1-2 sessions per week of some type of cardio exercise.

Another valuable point is to make realistic goals, so it’ll be possible for you to stick to it. That will give you results and your motivation will increase, in shaa Allah. If you haven’t been training regularly this summer; start walking. Do it regularly on set days and time. Then add bodyweight training or strength training. Have your sessions scheduled. Have a clear plan ready on Sunday for the upcoming week.

It’s also inspiring to have an accountability partner; a sister that will push you and inspire you when you’re feeling tired or when you’re struggling. We are always stronger together.

Just like with everything; it’s not about how fast we start or how much we do in the beginning, but how long we will last and how strong we are. So ensure to make a long term plan (and make a plan) that you’ll be able to keep in shaa Allah.

I don’t like to regret things, and similarly I also like to think; “ what are the consequences if I don’t start now? And what positive things can eventually happen in shaa Allah if I do start with this (like a regular training routine) now?” These questions serves as strong foundational points for my own motivation for what I do, and I hope they will be beneficial for you too!

What are the actions you’ll take this week to get back into fitness after the summer? Please share with a sister that you think needs to read this.

Thank you & Energetic Regards,

Coach Carin


Carin Timskog is an online trainer, with her own business Energized Muslimah, living in Tanger, Morocco with her husband and 3 years old girl. Carin started in the fitness industry already in 1998, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, to mention few of her certifications. She loves fitness, sunshine, traveling, going to the Spa and being out in the nature.

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