About Us

About Us

786 Cosmetics was founded in March 2017. The founders were motivated to create a brand like 786 Cosmetics because they recognized the profound need for beauty products that could be used by Muslim women.

The company:

786 Cosmetics is proud to have discovered a formula for its nail polish that does not contain or harm any animals, and is able to allow water to seep through the paint so that people can partake in wudu, while wearing the product. The site was launched in June 2017 and the company immediately started to accept pre-orders from customers. Due to the overwhelming amount of international orders and the desire to provide great service to its customers 786 Cosmetics began its international shipments earlier than projected. International shipments formally started in August 2017.

Future of the Company:

The company plans on continuing to grow and create products that accommodate women of the Muslim community.