A Fall/Halloween Makeup Tutorial

By October 26, 2018 Beauty

To keep the Fall/Halloween trend going I have decided to write another beauty fall themed article! There are so many ways people can express their love for fall and Halloween. You can express it through nails, face paint, clothing, and make-up! It’s so fun to create looks for the seasons and/or holidays, especially fall. You get to use colors that are so pretty, like bronze, red, orange, brown, pink, etc. To give a little variety I have decided to put together a tutorial for a makeup look that is Fall/Halloween themed. Whether you want this look for a party, costume, or just everyday look, keep reading a Fall/Halloween makeup tutorial!

This is the look I will be telling you guys how to do today. It is very customizable, you can make it more subtle or you can add more to it to get the perfect look for you!

Fall/Halloween makeup

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Add Some Moisture to Your Skin with Moisturizer

You want to find a pre-makeup moisturizer that will work as soon as it hits your skin. Moisturizer will absorb immediately to smooth your skin and it will boost the moisture in your skin for up to 72 hours. It will also give you a radiant-looking complexion. Learning what moisturizer will work best for your skin type will allow you to keep your skin healthy and prevent your makeup from looking like it is caked-on. Use your preferred moisturizer, dispense a pea-sized amount on your hand and apply evenly all over your face.

Prep Your Skin for Foundation with Primer

You want to find a primer that works with your skin type. This is important because primers are the base of your makeup, they sure your foundation goes on smooth. Primers are mainly used to help makeup last longer, smooth your skin’s surface, and also even out the skin tone. If you were to get any bleeding, fading, or blotchiness throughout the day it can be prevented by using a primer. Also, a lot of primers are now being made with sunscreen, this is great so your skin will also be protected throughout the day. You can apply primer by dispensing a small amount into your hand and apply it to your face evenly.

Even Out Your Skin with Foundation

What kind of foundation you use is completely up to you. Whether it be full coverage for a flawless look or light coverage for a more natural look. Foundation is used to cover up your skin imperfections. Some imperfections are redness, acne, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. It is also used to achieve a more healthy, glowing look. Of course, foundation is not necessary because everyone is beautiful as is but if you love to use foundation, you do you! Even though foundation has many purposes, its most important purpose is giving a clean base for your makeup. To apply foundation the best method is to apply a decent amount on the back of your hand. Then grab a brush and mix it into the foundation. Then, evenly apply the foundation to your face. You can apply concealer at this stage as well.

Set Your Face with Setting Powder

Setting powder is made to lock foundation and concealer into place so your makeup will not have any cracks or ripples. Wearing and using setting powder makes your makeup experience way better. You can apply powder by taking a powder brush and dipping it into your favorite powder. Once you’ve done that make sure to knock off any excess powder, you can do that by banging your brush once or twice on the edge of the powder packaging. Then run the brush all over your face to apply an even amount of powder.

Add Some Warmth to Your Face with Bronzer and Blush

Bronzer is used to give your skin a sun-kissed glow and enhance the tans in your skin. Bronzing makeup is used to darken areas of the skin and to add warmth. It is a great way to give your skin a radiant and healthy look. You can apply bronzer with a brush. You want to apply bronzer to the contours of your cheeks, forehead/hairline area, jawline, and nose.
Blush is used to also give you a healthy glowing look, it can brighten your entire face. You can apply blush with a brush just like bronzer. You want to apply blush to the apples fo your cheeks.

Bring Out Your Eyes with Eyeshadow, Mascara, and Eyeliner

Eyeshadow adds depth and dimension to your eyes, complements your eye color, makes your eyes appear larger, and draws attention to your eyes. To achieve this look you first want to apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyelid. This will make sure the eyeshadow stays in place. Next, you want to work an orangey bronzey color into the crease of your eye and work out. Once that is done you can start applying the shadow underneath your eye as well. Next, you want to take a shiny white color and apply it to the inner part of your eye.

Now, you can take a glittery bronze/orange color and work that into the inner corner of your eye. Then, bring it slightly up along your top lid and work the glitter all the way underneath your eye. Make sure to make the line of glitter smaller as you get away from the inner corner of your eye. Now you can apply your mascara and eyeliner. You can apply a thick or thin line of eyeliner, whatever works for you.

Finish Your Look with Some Setting Spray

You want to use setting spray because it is made to prevent your makeup, like foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow from smudging, creasing, or fading. Apply setting spray by spraying a generous amount all over your face.

Wrapping Up

There is a Fall/Halloween makeup tutorial! Do you wear makeup that is holiday or season themed? Are you going to try out this look? Let us know in the comments! If you need new nail polish head on over to the 786 cosmetics store! Our products are halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. You can click here to head on over to our store!

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